As we all know Sheena Trivedi label started a menswear as well. We presented our first menswear capsule collection during New York Fashion Week in February 2014. 

Sheena Trivedi presents clothes for people who want to be chic, elegant and fashionably wild, not only during the day but also in the evening. We were focused on evening wear this time because our work is combined with hand done embroidery which is one of the main details to be seen in our collections. This time we used a lot of mirror embroidery with beads and silk/wool thread.

Evening gowns are made of fabrics such as raw silk mixed with leather, silk georgette mixed with leather and over layers of hand done sparkling embroidery that gives a special touch to every piece we make.

Suits, jackets, dress shirts for men also are mainly made of fabrics such as wool suiting, cotton puplin, silk/wool suiting,cotton/silk. A lot of fabrics are mixed with leather and hand done brocade, which gives an Eastern luxurious touch to every piece from the collection.










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